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Corporate Social Responsibility which is also know as CSR in short, is literally defined as the efforts made by a company to assure that the operational activities are not harmful to the environment, the employees are treated fairly and the interests of the inhabitants surrounding the business location are actively accommodated.

The Company is certain that corporate social responsibility and the responsibility for making a company grows is originated and developed from the same root; in other words, the interest to maintain the Company's sustainable growth and its responsibility for the environment are two of the Company's efforts that derive from the same vision and each is complementing the other.

In view of the above, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program represents a part that is significant and inseparable from the corporate long-term strategies implemented by the Company. The Company does not regard the CSR programs as expenses, but as investments instead, in which the returns are not measured merely in terms of quantity. There are various intangible things that the Company benefit from carrying out CSR programs, such as good relationship between the Company and the people residing near the toll road corridor, allowing both the Company and the community side by side to preserve and maintain the toll road assets. The Company also enjoys another benefit: the increase of the Company image in public's eyes. Those advantages are of the essential elements that support the Company's growth.

The CSR programs run by the Company encompass five main pillars i.e. compliance with ethics based on GCG principles:

  1. The aspect of compliance with ethics is reflected in "Integrity Pact" indicating the commitment of the entire members of the Board of Directors. The Integrity Pact puts the Board of Directors and the whole employees under the obligation to carry out their duties and tasks in clean, transparent and professional manners in accordance with the principles of GCG.
  2. The aspect of compliance with the laws shows the Company's commitment to always comply with the prevailing laws and regulations. In relation to CSR issues, the Company consistently performs a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment (AMDAL) during the whole development process of toll road project, starting from pre-construction phase, during the construction period and during the entire period of toll road operation.
  3. The Company's awareness of its employees is shown in its efforts to continuously develop employees' competencies and potentials through a wide range of training and education programs to prepare them for all the challenges in toll road industry. The Company has also implemented tight principles of work safety and health in order to prevent work accidents. These are all carried out since the employees are of the Company's valuable assets.
  4. The awareness of the Company to the community is indicated by conducting various community development programs such as providing training and education program for people dwelling near the toll road corridor, providing health improvement activities, renovating school building along with providing school facilities, providing assistance for victims natural disasters, providing scholarships for orphans, as well as social activities and other caritative activities.
  5. The Company's awareness of the community is also shown by developing Partnership Program, i.e. distributing soft loan to small and middle enterprises (SMEs) or cooperatives. The Company prioritizes the distribution of loan for working capital so that SMEs are able to develop their business. Partnership program is aimed at making SMEs tough and independent enterprises so as to bring prosperity not only for themselves but also for those around them by providing business opportunity.

The corporate social responsibility initiatives have always been directed to the interest of the people residing near the toll road operational area and this policy has been the Company's priority in carrying out its programs of corporate social responsibility over the years. In accordance with the Regulation of the State Minister for State-Owned Enterprises No. PER-005/MBU/2007 dated 27 April 2007 on Partnership Program of State-Owned Enterprises with Small and Middle Enterprises along with Community Development Program, the Company has distributed fund, which is maximum 2% of the net profit, for partnership and community development programs.

As a state-owned enterprise, together with other SOEs, Jasa Marga also supports and participates in various social programs of BUMN Peduli (social awareness programs conducted by SOEs). By conducting various CSR programs, the Company shows that it is strongly determined to keep growing, changing and developing sustainably, not only seeking profit but also paying attention to social and environmental aspects.

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