One of the Issuers based on the Analyst ChoiceAwarded through the "The 2017 Program of Let's Invest in the Shares" or "Program Yuk Nabung Saham 2017" (March 2017), organized by Indonesian Securities Analyst Association & CSA Institute2017
Obtained an excelent score of 89,729 in the Public Service category Awarded for the fifth time during the Contact Center Service Excellence Award (CCSEA), organized by the 2016 Carre CCSL and Service Excellence Magazine.2017
Listed First rank in the non Financial SOEs Category Awarded during the 2016 Annual Report Award, organized by OJK, KNKG, BI2016
The Most Trusted Company based on the Investor and Annalysts' Assessment Survey Awarded during the 2016 GCG Award, organized by CGPI and SWA2016
Listed in the Top 50 Public Company Awarded during the 2016 IICD Award, an occasion of the 8th of IICD Corporate Governance Conference2016
One of The Best Companies of 2015 based on Sri-Kehati Index Awarded during the 2015 Green Company & Sri Kehati Appreciation, organized by SWANETWORK & KEHATI Foundation2016
Public Service Awarded during the 2016 Contact Center Service Excellence Award (CCSEA), organized by Service Excellence Magazine2016
Pollution Prevention Pioneer Awarded during the 2016 Indonesia Green Awards, organized by La Tof School of CSR.2016
Indonesia’s 2016 Top 100 Most Valuable Brands; ranked as the 37th Brand Finance plcAwarded through the 2016 Most Valuable Indonesian Brands with US$ 95 Million Brand Value & AA Brand Rating, organized by SWANETWORK2016
Environmental Protection and RepairAwarded during the 2016 Nusantara CSR Awards, organized by La Tof School of CSR2016
One of the 40 (forty) best selected Issuers based on the 2016 Analysis ChoiceOrganized by Indonesian Securities Analysis Association (AAEI), CSA INSTITUTE2016
Toll Road with the first National Golden titleAwarded during the 2016 Services Quality Award, organized by Carre CCSL and Service Excellence Magazine2016