After the Trans Java Toll Road Trip, 100 Jasa Marga Jet Roadster Applicants Proceeds to the Next Recruitment Phase

3/13/2019 9:10:38 AM



Number : 33/2019 Dated March 11, 2019

After the Trans Java Toll Road Trip, 100 Jasa Marga Jet Roadster Applicants Proceeds to the Next Recruitment Phase

Jakarta (03/11​) - Jasa Marga Jet Roadster, 2019 Management Trainee Recruitment Program of PT Jasa Marga Tbk., had entered the next phase, the third stage or Quest #3 which raises Trans Java Expedition theme. During this stage, 100 selected applicants had to travel the Trans Java Toll Road, the longest challenge of the recruitment.

Trans Java Expedition Quest #3 Flag off took place at JasaMarga's Head Office, on Monday (03/11). Jasa Marga's Development Director Adrian Priohutomo sends off 100 applicants who are not only domiciled in Jabotabek and Java, but also outside Java.

"We are pleased to see your enthusiasm and energy. Working in Jasa Marga is certainly a dream for talented job seekers.  We hope you (participants-ed) will return safely, fulfill all the Quest, be the best and join Jasa Marga," he said in his welcome speech before seeing the participants off.

For three days in a row, Trans Java Expedition Quest #3 Aanwijzing stage, or pre-Quest induction, had taken place at Jasa Marga's Head Office on March 10, 2018 where 100 new participants met for the first time and formed a total of 25 Trans Java Exploration Teams. The participants were granted Rp5.5 million cash-money to spend on goods and edibles to be sold as merchandises at the rest areas.  They will use the profit to continue their road trip from Jakarta to Surabaya.

The next task of Trans Java Expedition Quest #3 is a two-day Jakarta-Surabaya-Jakarta road trip.  This takes place on March 11-12, 2019. 

During the trip, participants, both individually and in teams, face challenges. Here, their learning agility, complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and attitudes representing  Jasa Marga's values (Agility, Professionalism, Integrity, and Customer Focus or APIC) are assessed​.

Jasa Marga's 2019 recruitment is distinct from the ones of previous years.  Even so, Jasa Marga 2019 Management Trainee had a highly-positive response. Ever since the vacancy was announced on March 1, 2019, in a relatively short time, Jasa Marga received 1,500 applicant ​toll-road-themed educational videos; 630 applicants were then selected to compete in the next stage where their English profile videos were​ ​evaluated.

The best from the 100 Trans Java Expedition Quest #3 applicants will then have their Medical Check Up, BOD Interview, and Academy.


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