An Accident on Batang-Semarang Toll Road

3/5/2019 10:39:16 AM



Number : 29/2019 Dated March 3, ​2019


An Accident on Batang-Semarang Toll Road

Semarang (03/03) - An Innova hit a truck on Batang-Semarang Toll Road this early morning, on Sunday (03/03). Immediately after the incident, PT Jasamarga Semarang Batang (PT JSB) officers evacuated the victims and cleared the surrounding area.

The incident began while a fast-moving Innova (from Jakarta towards Semarang) was trying to change lanes.  It then hit the rear-end of a truck which had no rear lights, precisely at 3.15 a.m at km 349 of Batang-Semarang Toll Road. The Innova was driven by Ali Ashari, a Demak citizen. The driver fled from the incident and is currently​ being pursued by the police.

Jasa Marga's officers and the police, immediately evacuated the victims to the nearest hospital, Batang Regional General Hospital (RSUD Batang) for further treatments.

The accident caused one death and minor injuries.  Demak Regent M Natsir, his aide Wijaya, and driver Ali Ashari, who were inside the Innova, were injured, while another aide, Febri Dien T, a Pasuruan citizen, died in the aftermath​.

Based on police investigations, the accident was inevitable due to two reasons.  First, the truck did not have rear lights, while the Innova driver was fatigued ​and could not anticipate the truck in front.

Jasa Marga advises everyone on the toll road, both freight and personal vehicles, to check on their vehicles regularly otherwise they will endanger others on the toll road.  There are many incidents related to flat tires or non-functioning vehicle ​lights​.

Freight companies must also comply with the Over Dimension Over Load (ODOL) regulations ​as ODOL vehicles often stumble upon issues, such as broken wheel bolts, axles and even flat tires​​ which will eventually ​hinder the traffic;​ Not to mention the ​​uncontrollable acceleration and worn out brakes which would increase the possibility of an accident, ​such as rear-end collisions.

Drivers should rest after a tiring ride on the rest area, especially after a long travel on Trans Java Toll Road.

For the most up-to-date information on the toll road, please access these official information channels:
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