Jasa Marga Celebrated Its 41st Anniversary

3/4/2019 2:25:57 PM

Jasa Marga Celebrated Its 41st Anniversary​

All Commissioners, Directors, and employees of PT Jasa Marga Tbk. ​celebrated Jasa Marga's 41st anniversary on Friday (3/1) at Jasa Marga Head Office, Jakarta.

The celebration started ​with the convoy​ of the latest branded Toll Road Service Vehicles​ by Jasa Marga Commissioners and Directors. 

Jasa Marga President Director Desi Arryani and President Commissioner Sapto Amal Damandari then delivered their welcoming speech. 

"Happy 41st anniversary to Jasa Marga.  Last year, our theme was 'Forty to Another Forty", this time we're approaching the first year of the second 40," Desi delivered her speech. 

Desi then explained why the theme was raised, Jasa Marga is beginning​ to benefit from the end result of the toll segment development long since it was first established. Now, our challenges are the development and operation of new toll segments. 

"This is the first year. Everyone, from our generation and the next must cherish the next forty, the second forty, keeping Jasa Marga at the top place of the toll road business - as the biggest and the most reliable company which grows sustainably," she added. 

She then asked the employees, "Can you do it?" with a stern and appealing voice, responded by a "Yes!" by all the audiences. 

The Commissioners and Directors then let butterflies loose as a symbol of both the beginning of the 41st anniversary's series of events and the Company's progressing transformation. 

The Ceremony was enlivened by music entertainments, culinary delights, games and door prizes.  Tokens of appreciation were also given to all the employees and retirements.