Jasa Marga Held a Discussion Forum on BUMN Holding Risks​

2/25/2019 9:30:03 AM

Jasa Marga Held a Discussion Forum on BUMN Holding Risks



Multisector State Owned Enterprise (BUMN) Holding si​gnifies ​the dynamics of business entities. PT Jasa Marga Tbk. held a discussion forum to explore the aspects in detail​.

The BUMN Holding Risk Discussion Forum invited Deputy of Financial Services, Survey, and Consulting Businesses of the SOE Ministry​ Gatot Trihargo as the keynote speaker.  Jasa Marga Operation Director Subakti Syukur, Human Capital Director Alex Denni, Development Director Adrian Priohutomo, Chairman of the Risk Management (RM) Forum Doni Muhardiansyah, and around 150 other SOE representatives were also invited.

Before the opening, Alex Denni, in his welcome speech, mentioned that the SOE Ministry has a big agenda to establish Holding consolidations.

“The purpose is certainly to empower the SOEs to be able to grasp opportunities, be productive and efficient. There are risks however. This discussion forum is therefore relevant to bring up up-to-date issues on BUMN Holding risks,” said Alex.

Gatot adds that SOE management faces a number of challenges, such as globalization (ASEAN Economic Community/AEC), developing agents, growing competitiveness, center of excellence, and talent readiness.

To face global challenges, SOEs, as the national force on a global level, must own a standard world-class management. And, as a developing agent, has the responsibility to perform nationwide developments in order to generate strategic sectors of the domestic economy. Increasing competitiveness relate to the SOEs economies of scale power or Holding and maximum synergy. Meanwhile, center of excelence relates to national character betterment through national leadership role model. Talent readiness itself is achieved through strong, clean, visionary, professional, patriotic, just SOEs leaders with global insights and readiness to face future challenges. 

The event also presented a talkshow which invited three guest speakers - Head of Internal Audit of Astra Financial Conglomerate Haryo Baskoro Wicaksono, Head of ​Enterprise Risk Management of Sinarmas Insurance Rio Ekasaputra, and Vice President of Enterprise Risk and Risk Management Division of PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. The talkshow was succeeded by the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing between the RM Forum and stakeholders.