Jasa Marga Organized a Training on State Official Assets Report

2/19/2019 9:28:15 AM

Jasa Marga Organized a Training on State Official Assets Report


PT Jasa Marga Tbk. organized a training on the procedure of State Officials Assets Reports (Laporan Harta Kekayaan Penyelenggara Negara/LHKPN) at Jasa Marga Head Office, Jakarta, on Monday (2/18) to establish a good corporate governance (GCG) and regulatory compliance.

The event was attended by Jasa Marga Human Capital Director Alex Denni, Jasa Marga Finance Director Donny Arsal, and around 50 other employees. Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Youth Specialist I Rizky Amalia and team explained the procedures for the report.

In his welcome speech, Alex Denni made an analogy between healthcare and assets reports.  Prevention is better than medication.  In this case, he said, “KPK visit was the prevention, while the execution itself is the cure.  It's better to prevent than to cure.

Even though Jasa Marga's GCG score is satisfactory, above 97%, Alex Denni reminded the significance of LHKPN from personal, profesional and state obligatory aspects.  

Meanwhile, Jasa Marga Human Capital Services Group Head Dadan Waradia summons Jasa Marga's employees to make reports on their assets. 

Rizky Amalia mentioned that the report is comprehensive.  It includes the assets of wife/husband and minors or a financially dependent child, specified in the LHKPN form which was determined by KPK.

A twenty-three year-old jobless college student, for example, is considered as a financially dependent child. But, a 16-year-old child will be excluded as one once he is self-sufficient,” she explained.

Rizky Amalia and her team also mentioned that there are still other things to keep in mind, such as the period, e-filing account registration and apps-filing.  

Finance, HR, and General GM of PT Jasamarga Manado Bitung Ria Marlinda Paallo attended the event and believed that the event was prominently crucial.  Moreover, this is the first time she's going to make a report on her assets.

“This is a very important event as KPK has already made inquiries on the state official's assets.  Therefore we need to understand what should be reported, saved, and what kind of documents must be publicly exposed,” she explained.

​​Paallo will share what she had gained from the training with her coworkers.​​