Jasa Marga Roadster ​Rescue Competition of 2019

3/8/2019 8:28:39 AM



Number : 30/2019 Dated March 5, 2019


Jasa Marga Roadster ​Rescue Competition of 2019

Bogor, (03/05) - In the light of its 41st anniversary and to support the national road safety,  PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk. reheld the 2019 Roadster Rescue Competition, which was previously known as the Traffic Service Competition before the transformation.  Jasa Marga Roadster is a term used specifically for Jasa Marga's committed employees who serve under the Company's value system - Agility, Professionalism, Integrity and Customer Focus (APIC).

There are three new contest categories to prepare officers for toll road managements, particularly in handling road issues and accidents, namely Road Safety Paper, Road Rescue and Traffic Management Video Documentary. The latter category has educational and publicity purposes where the contestants must create a video on a toll road traffic management and rescue.

The former category, Road Safety Paper, is a safety-themed paper contest that had already took place on March 4, 2018. Meanwhile, Road Rescue is a road rescue simulation which is taking place today, on March 5, in Center for Education and Training (Pusdiklat) of the Sentul National Board for Disaster Management (BNPB).

Jasa Marga's President Director Desi Arryani, in her welcoming speech, mentioned that people need to regularly learn skills for an emergency rescue of different situations. 

“There is no reason to stop learning even when you have years of​​ experiences.  New and different strategies will always be necessary in unique conditions. I hereby invite everyone to upgrade their abilities,” she said while officially ​​opening the event.

Afterwards, Desi Arryani and the board of directors inspected the rescue equipments firsthand.  These equipments are used during evacuations after a toll road accident, such as cutter, spreader, combi tool, extension rams, air bag kits and a power unit.

With a great deal of toll road operation experiences, Jasa Marga has often witnessed accidents of all kinds.  Based on the post-​​accident Pillars of Safety (Pillar 5)​, we need to improve our post-accident managements using Sharing Knowledge methods through papers and road rescue simulations.

There are nineteen groups participating, i.e., eight from Jasa Marga Branch and eleven of Jasa Marga's Subsidiaries - PT Jalantol Lingkarluar Jakarta (JLJ), PT Jasamarga Pandaan Tol (JPT), PT Trans Marga Jateng (TMJ), PT Marga Sarana Jabar (MSJ), PT Marga Lingkar Jakarta (MLJ), PT Jasamarga Bali Tol (JBT) - and five newly-registered participants, namely PT Jasamarga Solo Ngawi (JSN), PT Jasamarga Ngawi Kertosono (JNK), Jasamarga Surabaya Mojokerto (JSM), PT Jasamarga Medan Kualanamu Tebing (PT JMKT) and PT Jasamarga Gempol Pasuruan (JGP).

For a reliable and professional assessment, Jasa Marga's internal team is not the only judges, there were also other external institutions from different fields and expertises, such as Indonesian Police Traffic Corps (Korlantas POLRI) for the Road Safety Paper contest and the Ministry of Transportation for the Road Rescue Category. Meanwhile, the judges for the last Category are Australian and Dutch Road Rescue which expertise in Fire Rescue and Paramedics.

The Traffic Service Competition had been held 15 times and is part of Jasa Marga's routine event. Jasa Marga had also previously organized a Safety-Driving Workshop, a traffic-order-themed Fun Rally, and a safe-driving-themed Customer Gathering.

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