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Toll Road Service

Jasa Marga is a benchmark for toll operations nationwide. Jasa Marga consistently delivers a standard quality to meet ISO certification's requirements and Malcolm Baldridge's standard of quality and performance.  Jasa Marga is also commited to fulfill customer's satisfaction through its transaction, traffic and road construction services.

1. Transaction Services

​There are two transaction systems applied in our tollway: 
1. Close transaction; where the toll road user picks up the ticket at the entrance gate booth and pays at the exit gate 
2. Open transaction; where the toll road user pays directly at the entrance gate booth​  

To support these toll transactions, we provide:
1. Toll gate booths 
2. Transaction automation (with e-toll cards)  

2. Traffic Services​​

We provide a 24-hours a day and 7-days a week traffic service which include:

1. Traffic Information Center 
     We are supported by a 80880123-telephone line for inquiries, Variable Message Sign (VMS) for traffic information updates, and www.jasamargalive.com | m.jasamargalive.com for traffic live updates.

2. Traffic Service Fleet 
     We supply a 271-vehicle fleet for traffic service.

3. Road Construction Services​

Jasa Marga regularly conducts its toll road maintenance through potholes patching; scraping filing and overlay; as well as toll-road widening.

Minimum Level of Service​

Jasa Marga provides a Minimum Standard of Service for Toll Roads based on the Minister of Public Works Decree No. 392/PRT/M/2005 dated August 31, 2005.  They are:

1. Toll road's prime condition
2. Vehicles' safe travel speed
3. Accessibility
4. Mobility
5. Safety
6. Rescue Unit/Safety and service assistances