​​East Java Toll Road Service for A Safe and Secure Homebound Trip

6/10/2019 12:21:31 PM


PT JASA MARGA (Persero) Tbk.

Number: 87/2019 Tanggal 28 Mei 2019

​​East Java Toll Road Service for A Safe and Secure Homebound Trip

Surabaya (5/28) - PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk. several business groups had kept improving East Java toll road services before the upcoming Eid holiday homebound trips to establish a safe and secure homebound holiday heading East Java.

Toll Road optimization was performed on Surabaya-Gempol Toll Road which was managed by Jasa Marga Surabaya-Gempol Branch. At Jasa Marga Surabaya-Gempol Branch Office, Surabaya, on Monday (5/27), Jasa Marga Surabaya-Gempol Branch General Manager (GM) Temporary Replacement Office Bagus Cahya AB mentioned several locations ​susceptible to heavy congestions, namely Sidoarjo 2 and Kejapanan Tollgates and the anticipations.

“Travelers heading Porong will be directed to Sidoarjo 1 Tollgate ​​whenever long queues of vehicles occur at Sidoarjo 2 Tollgate,” he explained.

To anticipate Kejapanan Utama Tollgate​ heavy congestion, Bagus continued, Police coordinations have been made through the open/close system as well as through the use of mobile readers for increased transaction capacity.

Operational booths (Kejapanan, Waru Utama, and Sidoarjo 2 Tollgates), 28 units of mobile readers, cash top-up services at three tollgates, and mobile service in collaboration with related banks at Rest and Service Areas or Rest Areas had also been provided.

Still according to Bagus, for traffic management, Jasa Marga will end Day-10 to Day+10 projects to minimize traffic interferences, manage the Ministry of Transportation's freight transportation operational schedule, station officers on crowded-prone locations, and increasing lane capacity through contraflow.  Jasa Marga will also supply 12 units of Variable Message Sign (VMS),  60 units of CCTV, and 1 unit of mobile VMS. 

PT Jasamarga Ngawi Kertosono Kediri (JNK) President Director Iwan Moedyarno said that the peak homebound holiday trip on Ngawi-Kertosono-Kediri Toll Road will predictably fall on June 2 (Day-3) with 22,994 vehicles, a 266% increase from the usual 6,281 vehicles.  There are also potential heavy congestions at Madiun and Nganjuk Tollgates, as well as Rest Area 626 A, 626 B, 597 A, 597 B, and Functional 640 A/B.

Information service through 5 VMS, 65 CCTV, Twitter, and Call Center at 08113373301 will be on standby. 

“We have prepared electronic money top-up services at Rest Area 597 A/B and 626 A/B as well as at Madiun Tollgate. Whenever long queues of vehicles occur, we shall transform the entrance into exit booth and operate the mobile readers,” he added.

Ngawi-Kertosono-Kediri Toll Road itself has 6 rest areas (two among them are still functional) with health services free of charge for homebound travelers. There are also additional restrooms, 12 ladies, 6 men with 9 urinals, and accessible for disabled.

“The long winding toll road will certainly be boredom,” says Iwan.

Safety, therefore, becomes a major consideration.  PT JNK has facilitated warning lights (flip flops), blue LED (PJR specified dummy), and additional guardrail.  Rumble stripes before the rest area and on the blank spot Main Road have also been installed.

Jasa Marga's other business group in East Java are PT Jasamarga Surabaya Mojokerto (JSM), Surabaya-Mojokerto Toll Road manager.  PT JSM Operation Manager Erpan Afandi believes Waru Gunung Tollgate to be one of the susceptible congested areas on Surabaya-Mojokerto Toll Road. Hence, operational booths will be ​multiplied at Waru Gunung Tollgate, which is the barrier tollgate at cluster 3 (Banyumanik-Waru Gunung). Waru Gunung Tollgate will thus have 10 entrance and 11 exit-booths.

PT JSM has taken advantages of 14 units of mobile readers, ​additional cash top-ups at the tollgates, banking mobile service at Rest Area 725 A, B and the Tollgate, as well as electronic money sales. More personnel will regulate the traffic at density-prone areas. 

Economist Piter Abdullah, during a discussion at Jasa Marga Surabaya-Gempol Branch Office, had deep appreciations for Jasa Marga and business group's hard work for the 2019 homebound trip despite several things to reconsider, such as vehicle buildups at the entrance of the rest areas which disrupt the traffic flow on the Main Road. 

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