​New Year Peak​, Cikarang Utama Toll Gate Traffic Volume Increased by 58.24%

1/14/2019 3:59:14 PM


PT JASA MARGA (Persero) Tbk.

Number : 3​​​/2019 Dated January 2, ​2019



​New Year Peak​, Cikarang Utama Toll Gate Traffic Volume Increased by 58.24%

Jakarta (01/02) - New Year post-holiday traffic peak which was estimated to fall on Tuesday (01/01) indicated a 58.24% increase. There were 85,027 vehicles heading Jakarta through Cikarang Utama Toll Gate.  The figure is higher compared to the daily 53,733.  Jasa Marga predicts 44 thousand vehicles will still be returning ​however. Based on estimations, they will return gradually beginning today, Wednesday, January 3, until Sunday, January 6.

There were 42,039 vehicles returning to Jakarta​ through ​Ciawi Toll Gate of Jagorawi Toll Road.  The figure indicated a 99% traffic volume increase compared to the usual average 21,089.

Jasa Marga appreciated everyone's​​​ cooperation through their compliance ​with the officer's instructions and traffic signs. The traffic during new year's eve therefore remained conducive and orderly.

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