A Two-Month Free-Ride from Jasa Marga for 46,789 Passengers

5/3/2019 8:57:08 AM


PT JASA MARGA (Persero) Tbk.

Number : 62/2019 Dated May 2, 2019


A Two-Month Free-Ride from Jasa Marga for 46,789 Passengers

Bekasi (5/2) – ​PT Jasa Marga Tbk. has officially ended FARE-FREE MONDAY which had carried on for eight consecutive weeks, since March 2019 until Monday (4/26). Jasa Marga has given away free rides for 46,789 passengers, 9,050 and 37,739 passengers for Transjakarta and KRL Commuterline, respectively.  

FARE-FREE MONDAY is a program specifically tailored ​for Bekasi citizens who are ​intensely affected by the existing Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road traffic problems due to the simultaneous infrastructure projects around the area. It's managed by PT Jasamarga Jalanlayang Cikampek (JJC), Jasa Marga's subsidiary that operates Jakarta-Cikampek Elevated Toll Road, one of the multiple simultaneous projects.

Transjakarta passengers heading for Tosari and Tanjung Priok, from Summarecon Bekasi Bus Stop, had taken the benefit of the free ride, which has been fully paid by Jasa Marga, since Monday (3/11)​. 

​Receiving positive response from the society, starting from Monday (3/18), Jasa Marga had expanded the benefit ​to other modes of transportations, i.e., KRL Commuterline at three stations - Kranji, Bekasi, and Cikarang.  Much like Transjakarta Bus, they can enjoy the leisure during Monday ​rush hours, from 5 to 9 a.m and from ​4 to 8 p.m

The only difference lies in the Rp10-thousand top up cashback. It's only applicable for KRL passengers using Mu​lti Trip Card (KMT). On Mondays, a Rp20-thousand top up must be made at one of the three Station Counters in order to earn a Rp10-thousand bonus. It was assumed that the furthest trip between Bekasi and Jakarta charges Rp5 thousand. The Rp10-thousand bonus is therefore conveniently sufficient for the Bekasi-Jakarta round​trip.

Agus Zakaria, a regular Transjakarta passenger who domiciled in Titian Kencana Bekasi, said that the program is the right campaign to reduce traffic congestions through public transportations.

"This is a really nice program. The community, particularly Bekasi citizens, are already beginning to use public transportations.  This have positive implications.  ​Traffic problems will certainly decline," he said.

To ensure publicity for​ the program, Jasa Marga collaborated with PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia (KCI) and PT Transportasi Jakarta (TJ) to organize an off-air event called B-Fest “Bekasi Inspiration Festival”.

For more information, contact:
Irra Susiyanti
Corporate Communication Department Head
PT Jasa Marga Tbk.
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