Blood Donation at Jasa Marga Head Office

4/10/2019 4:18:29 PM

PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk., in collaboration with Bekasi Red Cross, reorganized the quarterly blood donation at Jasa Marga Head Office on Tuesday (04/02).  

The event which had begun since 8 until 11 a.m. had managed to draw the attention of Jasa Marga's employees. There were approximately 167 employees of Jasa Marga who voluntarily donated their blood for the ones in need. 

Dr. Eva Dini, Bekasi Red Cross officer revealed that the donor must previously go through several steps, including filling out biodata forms and health records.

"You must be in good health, to weigh at least 45 kilos, have a minimum period of 5-hour sleep, have not been taking any medicine for 3 days and, if you're a woman, neither breastfeeding nor pregnant," she said at Jasa Marga Head Office.

After filling out the form, the Indonesian Red Cross team (PMI) of Bekasi Regency carefully examines the donor's​ Hemoglobin level, blood type, blood pressure and weight.

Eva mentioned that there were at least 50 rejected donors due to health inadmissibility.  They can try again next month.

“There were so many donors that we went out of tools. We had to turn down 50 donors today as they did not fulfill the requirements,” she said.

She guaranteed the ​good condition​ of the blood, which was ​​gathered from ​Jasa Marga Head Office and brought to Bekasi PMI in a maximum of three hours. Time discipline has been the priority.

"We have calculated the time since the blood was gathered to maintain the blood condition​. It takes a three-hour maximum ​duration of transportation before being stored in a cool box for 5 hours,” she stressed.

Budi Set​iawan, one of Jasa Marga's employees, said that he routinely performs blood donations.  It not only benefits others but also his health.

“I donor my blood quarterly. I certainly feel the benefit. I really hope it will carry on,” he said. 

Widya Astuti also felt pleased to become one of the routine donors at Jasa Marga Head Office. 

“This is a great event. I have routinely donated my blood. I happen to be from Cirebon where I had also donated my blood regularly. I personally enjoy being a part of helping others in need,” she said.