By January 17, 2021, Midnight, Tariff Adjustments at Six Jasa Marga Group Segments Will Take Effect

1/22/2021 4:43:14 PM

PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk.
No.  09/2021 Dated January 14, 2021

By January 17, 2021, Midnight, Tariff Adjustments at Six Jasa Marga Group Segments Will Take Effect

Jakarta (1/14) - By January 17, 2021, at midnight, toll tariff adjustments will take effect on six  PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk's toll roads through its business groups. The six toll segments are Jakarta Outer Ring Road/JORR (E1, E2, E3, W2U, W2S and Pondok Aren-Bintaro Viaduct-Ulujami), Cikampek-Padalarang (Cipularang), Padalarang-Cileunyi (Padaleunyi), Semarang Segments A, B, C, Palimanan-Kanci (Palikanci), and Surabaya-Gempol (Surgem).

The law for the imposition of the new tariffs on the six toll roads has been determined. The Minister of Public Works and Housing (PUPR) has issued a Ministerial Decree (Kepmen) regarding tariff adjustments for each of the aforementioned toll roads since 2020.

Toll tariff adjustments have been regulated in Article 48 paragraph (3) of Law (UU) Number 38 of 2004 concerning Roads and Article 68 paragraph (1) of Government Regulation (PP) Number 15 of 2005 concerning Toll Roads, as already amended several times, most recently by Government Regulation Number 30 of 2017 concerning the third amendment to Government Regulation Number 15 of 2005 concerning Toll Road. Based on this regulation, toll tariff evaluation and adjustment are carried out biennially based on the inflation rate.

Jasa Marga's Corporate Communication & Community Development Group Head Dwimawan Heru explained, basically, the tariff adjustment for the six toll roads was running behind schedule as the Kepmen has been stipulated since 2020.

"However, Jasa Marga has not made any tariff adjustments in light of the ongoing Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) pandemic. Currently, with the hope of the Covid-19 vaccine, Jasa Marga will make actual tariff adjustments on several toll roads that have been delayed for months," said Heru.

The purpose of the toll tariff rate adjustment, Heru revealed, is to ensure a conducive toll road investment climate, maintain the confidence of investors and market players in the prospective toll road industry in Indonesia, fulfill the Toll Road Concession Agreements between the Government and the Business Entities, and to make sure that the level of service of toll road managers remains in accordance with the Toll Road Minimum Standards of Service (SPM) in order to support the logistics mobility.​

Jasamarga Metropolitan Tollroad (JMT) Regional Division Head Ari Wibowo explained that these tariff adjustments are performed regularly ​according to the inflation rate, such as JORR, Cipularang, and Padaleunyi Toll Roads incorporated in JMT Regional management area.

"The tariff for JORR, Cipularang, and Padaleunyi is adjusted in accordance with the inflation rate.  Even Cipularang and Padaleunyi segments have also rationalized their tariff by rearranging 5 groups for 5 vehicle classes to only 3 tariff groups for 5.  There is, therefore, a raised and decreased tariff rate.  In Cipularang, tariff reduction applies to Class III vehicles, from Rp. 79,500 to Rp. 71,500, and Class V, from Rp. 119,000 to Rp. 103,500, a 13% reduction. Meanwhile, for Padaleunyi Segment, the reduction applies to Class V, from Rp. 26,000 to Rp. 23,500, a reduction by 10%, while the tariff for Class III is fixed," said Ari.​

In line with Ari, Jasamarga Transjawa Tollroad (JTT) Regional Division Head Reza Febriano also explained that tariff adjustments on Palikanci, Semarang Toll Segments A, B, C, and Surgem Toll Road, managed by Regional JTT, also adjusts to the regional inflation rate in which two among them rationalized their tariff.

"Like Cipularang and Padaleunyi, Palikanci and Surgem have implemented tariff rationalization. In Palikanci, the tariff applies to Class III from Rp. 21,000 to Rp. 18,000, a reduced 14%, and Class V from Rp. 32,000 to Rp. 30,000, a reduced 6%.​     O​n Surgem Segment, the tariff rationalization is accompanied by an additional investment ​for the relocation of the 9.89-km Porong-Gempol Segment with a total investment of Rp 2.85 trillion, which has been operating since January 2019," added Reza.​

Regarding the Minimum Standards of Service (SPM) that must be met by Toll Road Business Entities in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of PUPR, Jasa Marga has fulfilled all the required SPM.  Jasa Marga has improved transaction services, traffic services, and construction services in order to provide toll road safety and convenience.

Transaction Service improvements include better transaction capacity with the addition of an Oblique Approach Booth (OAB) / tilted booth, more electronic money top-up services, and mobile readers at the toll gates.  In terms of traffic services, Jasa Marga is adding more toll road facilities, installing CCTV speed cameras, establishing areas for Over Dimension Over Load (ODOL) policy enforcement operation, and installing Weigh in Motion (WIM), optimizing control room facilities, and installing GPS on the traffic service vehicle as well as the operation of Jasa Marga Group's one-call center at 14080.

Meanwhile, in terms of construction services, we have performed routine road repair and maintenance as well as pavement reconstruction for better road quality.  There's also greening attempts along the toll road, as well as markers and safety & guardrail signs rejuvenation.

The following tables are the list of the new tariffs for the six Jasa Marga Group's toll segments since January 17, 2021, at midnight:

JORR Segment E1, E2, E3, W2U (Open System)
​Class I​Class II​Class III​Class IV​Class V

Pondok Aren JORR Segment-Bintaro Viaduct-Ulujami (Open System)

​Class I​Class II​Class III​Class IV​Class V

Cikampek-Padalarang (Cipularang) (Closed System)


​Class I​Class II​Class III​Class IV​Class V
​​​Dawuan Interchange​​Sadang​7,500​13,000​13,000​18,500​18,500
​Padalarang Interchange​42,500​71,500​71,500​103,500​​103,500
​Sadang​​Dawuan Interchange​7,500​13,000​18,500​18,500​18,500
​Padalarang Interchange​35,000​59,000​85,000​85,000​85,000
Jatiluhur​Dawuan Interchange13,500​​23,000​23,00033,500​​33,500
​Padalarang Interchange​28,500​48,500​48,500​70,000​70,000
Padalarang Interchange​Dawuan Interchange​42,50071,500​71,500​​103,500​103,500
Padalarang Interchange​Cikamuning​4,000​6,5006,500​​9,000​9,000

​ Padalarang-Cileunyi (Padaleunyi) (Closed System)

Origin ​​Destination ​​​​New Tariff ​ ​ ​ ​
​Class I​Class II​Class III​Class IV​Class V
Padalarang Interchange​​Padalarang​500​​1,000​1,000​1,000​1,000
​Pasir Koja​4,500​8,000​8,000​11,000​11,000
​Moh Toha​5,0008,500​8,500​11,500​11,500​
​Buah Batu​6,000​10,50010,500​​14,000​14,000
​Padalarang Interchange​500​1,000​1,000​1,000​1,000​
​Pasir Koja5,000​​8,500​8,50012,000​12,000​

 Moh Toha5,0008,5008,50012,00012,000
 Buah Batu6,50011,00011,00015,00015,000
 Padalarang Interchange2,0004,0004,0005,0005,000

Pasir Koja4,0006,5006,5009,0009,000
 Moh Toha5,0008,5008,50012,00012,000
 Buah Batu5,0008,5008,50012,00012,000
 Padalarang Interchange3,5006,0006,0008,5008,500

Pasir Koja4,0006,5006,5009,0009,000
 Moh Toha5,0008,5008,50012,00012,000
 Buah Batu6,50011,00011,00015,00015,000
 ​Pasir Koja​Baros4,0006,5006,5009,0009,000
Padalarang Interchange4,5008,0008,00011,00011,000
 ​Muh. Toha4,0006,5006,5009,0009,000
 Buah Batu4,0006,5006,5009,0009,000
 Kopo​Pasir Koja2,5004,5004,5006,0006,000

Padalarang Interchange4,5008,0008,00011,00011,000
 Muh. Toha2,5004,5004,5006,0006,000
 Buah Batu4,0006,5006,5009,0009,000
 Moh Toha​​Kopo2,5004,5004,5006,0006,000
 Pasir Koja4,0006,5006,5009,0009,000

 Padalarang Interchange5,0008,5008,50011,50011,500
 Buah Batu2,5004,5004,5006,0006,000
 Buah BatuMoh Toha2,5004,5004,5006,0006,000
 Pasir Koja​4,0006,5006,5009,0009,000

 Padalarang Interchange6,00010,50010,50014,00014,000
 Cileunyi​​​​Buah Batu5,0008,5008,50012,00012,000

Moh Toha5,0008,5008,50012,00012,000
 Pasir Koja7,50013,00013,00017,50017,500
​Padalarang Interchange​10,000​17,50017,500​​23,500​23,500

Palimanan-Kanci (Palikanci) (Closed System)


   ​             ​NEW TARIFF ​          
    Class I    Class II    Class III    Class IV    Class V  

Semarang Segments A,B,C (Open System)

      NEW TARIFF​ ​ ​                                
Class IClass IIClass III Class IV Class V

Surabaya Gempol (Open System)

Toll Segments Class I Class IIClass IIIClass IV  Class V
​Dupak Waru5.0008.0008.00010.50010.500

​Surabaya Gempol (Close System)

 OriginDestinationNEW TARIFF    ​    
 Class I Class II Class III Class IV Class V

Surabaya Gempol (Open System)​

​ ​ ​                 ​NEW TARIFF​ ​ ​ ​            
​Toll Segments​ ​ Class  IClass II Class III​Class IV   Class V  

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