Cikampek Utama and Kalihurip Utama Tollgates Served 71 Thousand Vehicles on the First Day of Operation​

6/10/2019 8:49:52 AM


PT JASA MARGA (Persero) Tbk.

Number: 80/2019 Dated May 25, 2019

Cikampek Utama and Kalihurip Utama Tollgates Served 71 Thousand Vehicles on the First Day of Operation​

Cikampek (5/25) - Cikampek Utama (Cikatama) anKalihurip Utama (Kalitama) toll gates have been recorded to serve 40,304 and 31,651 vehiclesrespectively, on May 23 Midnight.  Those were 71,955 vehicles to-and-fro Jakarta.

Heavy traffic congestions were also detected on the two tollgates due to several factors:

1. Non-Class I vehicles increased significantly by 71% from the normal 29%.  This is no surprise as trucks were prohibited to drive through during Eid holiday, requiring freight vehicles to massively chase deadlines. This was also caused by the increased number of freight vehicles on Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road on Thursdays.

2.     A lot of drivers were clearly unprepared with their unsufficient electronic money balance,
causing long queues of vehicles at the tollgate​.

3. There were still a lot of drivers making queries regarding the modified tariff and transaction system, particularly truck drivers of Industrial Regions from Karawang and surrounding areas. This significantly reduced the tollgate transaction capacity by 46%.

Jasa Marga apologizes for any inconveniences caused during the first day of the new tollgates' operation and made efforts to provide the best service, especially approaching Eid holiday. Hopefully the Barrier Tollgate removal will ease the traffic flow.

Since yesterday, Jasa Marga Jakarta-Cikampek and Jasa Marga Purbaleunyi Branches,​ with their respective Cikatama and Kalitama Tollgates, had made attempts to optimize their service, namely:
1. Providing additional booths for non-Class I vehicles to increase service for larger vehicles, by removing Class I special lane portals and replacing them with multi-class lanes to-and-fro Jakarta, adding up a total of Cikatama toll booths (6 Multi-Class and 1 Class I for Jakarta destination) and 7 booths (5 Multi-Class and 2 Class I for the East destination) as well as 5 more portals at Kalitama Tollgate adding up the capacity to a total of 7 Booths for vehicles heading for Bandung and 7 Booths for the ones heading Jakarta​.

2. ​​Collaborating with Mandiri Bank to provide more cash top-up machines from the available 3 units.

3. Facilitating the tollgates with EDC for multi-Banking services, adding more options for electronic money Top Ups.

4. Offering electronic money starter pack at the toll gate to minimize long queues of vehicles due to insufficient balance.

5. ​Adding the number of ​Jasa Marga officers at the tollgate to assist and accelerate toll transactions through Mobile Readers.

Jasa Marga advise toll road travelers to ensure their sufficient electronic money balance before making their trips. Travelers on Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road heading to Cikopo-Palimanan Toll Road as well as Cipularang and Padaleunyi Toll Road, are able to perform top ups at the Rest Area merchants/ATM at km 19A, km 39A and km 57A before making transactions at Cikampek Utama Toll Gate.

Travelers on Cipularang and Padaleunyi Toll Road, heading toward Jakarta-Cikampek and Cikopo-Palimanan Toll Roads, are able to perform top ups at Rest Area merchants/ATM at km 72 B, km 88 B, km 125 B and km 149 B before making Kalihurip Utama Toll Gate transactions.  Rest areas are relatively crowded during the Eid holidays, however, Jasa Marga therefore advises travelers to perform them before entering the toll road.

If you'd like to see the tariff list, particularly on Trans Java Toll Road, please download Jasa Marga's homebound-traveling guide book “​An Anti-Boring Road” from this link  Find more information on the rest areas, Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road Transaction System, culinary tourism and recommended tourist attractions along Trans Java Toll Road.

For the most up-to-date information on the toll road, please access Jasa Marga's official information channels at:
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