Class IV and V Sedyatmo Considerable Toll Rate Reduction ​by May 12

5/10/2019 3:04:44 PM


PT JASA MARGA (Persero) Tbk.

Number: 65/2019 Dated May 10, 2019


Class IV and V Sedyatmo Considerable Toll Rate Reduction ​by May 12

Jakarta (5/10) - New Toll Rate Adjustments on Sedyatmo Toll Segment will apply by May 12, 2019, at midnight, after ​making sure that the public is well-informed. This complies with the Public Works and Housing (PUPR) Ministerial Decree No. 121/KPTS/M/2019 dated February 6, 2019, on Sedyatmo Toll Road tariff adjustment. The 14.30-km toll road spreads across North and West Jakarta, as well as Tangerang​.   It also connects DKI Jakarta to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

​Here is the list of the new rates:
Class I: IDR 7,500,- increased from the previous IDR 7,000,-
Class II: IDR 10,000,- increased from the previous IDR 8,500,-
Class III: IDR 10,000,- same with the previous IDR 10,000,-
Class IV: IDR 11.000,- decreased from the previous IDR 12.500,-
Class V: IDR 11.000,- decreased from the previous IDR 15.000,-

Toll rates for Class I and II vehicles have increased by IDR 500,- and IDR 1,500,- respectively, while Class II remains the same. Meanwhile, Class IV and V vehicles will take pleasure in​​ the new reduced toll rates. The lower rate will benefit logistics and freight rates, in particular, which will eventually favor society​​. This will stimulate further productivity around the airport which has become the knot of the regional economy and central region for Tangerang in need for efficient time, cost and distance.

Toll tariff adjustments have been regulated in Article 48 paragraph (3) of Law Number 38 of 2004 concerning Roads, and Article 68 paragraph (1) Government Regulation (PP) Number 15 of 2005 concerning Toll Roads, which have undergone threefold amendments through PP Number 30 of 2017.  Based on the regulation, toll tariff biannual adjustment and evaluation are performed based on the inflation-adjusted old tariffs.

To ensure the society is well-informed, PUPR Ministry and PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk., as the Sedyatmo Toll Road operator, work together in synergy to advertise the newly-adjusted toll rates through diverse communication media, i.e., print, online, electronic, social and outdoor, including leaflets.

PUPR Ministry and Jasa Marga has also held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) presenting Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) and other stakeholders, such as experts on transportation, observers on public policy, actors of the logistics chain, developers of residential and commercial areas around the airports, bus and airport operators as well as academics.

Jasa Marga continuously improves Sedyatmo Toll Segment service excellence through 64 operational toll booths, four cash top-up centers, and 18 mobile readers for better transaction services and reduced toll gate traffic-congestions. Re-alignment and expansions on km 28-30 and additional lanes on Penjaringan Interchange have been performed.  Drainage repair has also been carried out to prevent flooding.  The landscape was also one of Jasa Marga's priorities.

For more information, please contact:
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