Eid Holiday Preparation by Jasa Marga

6/10/2019 12:14:51 PM


PT JASA MARGA (Persero) Tbk.

Number: 84/2019 Dated May 27, 2019


Eid Holiday Preparation by Jasa Marga

​​Jakarta (5/27) – Approaching the 2019/1440H Eid holiday season, PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk made preparations to provide maximum service for safe and convenient Eid holiday trip.

The peak holiday season will likely occur by May 31 (Day-5) and June 9 (Day+3), respectively. Between May 29 (D-7) and June 4 (D-1), 1,383,830 vehicles will be leaving Jakarta.  The figure is 7.58% higher than last year.

A 58.68% portion of these vehicles will head East (towards Central Java) through Jakarta-Cikampek while 26.68% heads West (to Merak) through Jakarta-Tangerang.  Meanwhile, the rest of the 14.64% will predictably head South (to Puncak) through Jagorawi Toll Road.

Trans Java Toll Road connection, the scheduled one-way and contraflow engineering, as well as Cikarang Utama Toll Gate relocation, are the underlying reasons to anticipate the change of transaction and tariff system on Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road.

Jasa Marga has prepared a number of tollgates to anticipate heavy traffic congestions, several of which are Cikampek Utama, Kalihurip Utama, Kalikangkung, Banyumanik, Waru Gunung, and Kejapanan Utama Tollgates.

Traffic service will also be in consideration.  Contraflow and one-way traffic-engineering will be scheduled within police discretion in this following scheme:

• May 30 to June 2, between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m, Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road km 29 to km 61 contraflow and between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m, Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road km 69 to West Brebes km 263 one-way​​ for homebound trips. 

• June 8 to 10, between 2 p.m. and 10 p.m, Jakarta-Cikampek km 61 to km 29 contraflow and Brebes km 263 to Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road km 69 one-way ​for post-homebound trips. ​ 

Jasa Marga will also temporarily terminate all work projects between May 26 and June 15 at midnight. Freight transportations are also going to be regulated by the Ministry of Transportation during homebound (between May 30 and June 2 midnights) and post-homebound trips (from June 8 to 10 midnights).  Swift traffic management has been secured by stationing officers on affected areas and providing additional traffic service vehicles (Toll Road, two-wheel patrol, PJR, ambulance, tow-truck, rescue, and crane services).

A total of 66 Rest and Service Areas (TIP)/Rest Areas (TI) will be available along Trans Java Toll Road - 39 TIP, 11 TI, 6 parking bays, 9 Functional TIP/TI as well as 1 Temporary TI at Palikanci Branch Office, to name a few. Jasa Marga has also prepared around 30 accessible restroom​s for the disabled at 14 TIP along Trans Java Toll Road as well as Zoning and Rest Area Monitoring System (RAMS) to anticipate crowdedness at several ​TIP/TI.

There will also be a temporary Rest Area at Palikanci Toll Road km 204 around the Branch Office.  To get there, Jasa Marga's Operation Director​ Subakti Syukur explained, drivers need to make an exit at Palikanci Toll Road km 204 through East Ciperna Tollgate.  Palikanci Branch Office will be 400 meters away. 

"Travelers may continue their journey by accessing the same tollgate, East Ciperna Tollgate.  The rest area will be facilitated with a mosque, restrooms, a gas station, and restaurants which are located very near to the Branch Office," explained Subakti during today's Press Conference on the 2019 Eid Operational Preparations.

For information service, Jasa Marga has prepared 1,290 units of CCTV, 187 units of Variable Message Signs (VMS), 8 mobile VMS both on the toll entrance and lanes as well as 23 units of Remote Traffic Microwave Sensor (RTMS).  These are all supported with Jasa Marga's official social media, JM Care and Travoy Applications. 

Jasa Marga's Human Capital & Transformation Director Alex Denni explained the reason behind the launching of the Travoy application for the 2019 Eid holiday.

"From our many years of research, we only have three customer pains: heavy traffic congestions at the tollgate, at the lanes and at the rest areas," said Alex.

To resolve this, Jasa Marga's Millennials designed Travoy with features that enable users to plan for their homebound trips.

Some of the main features are Homebound-trip Plan, Tollgate information and Rest Area. Travelers can even order food and drinks at the rest area using the Eat N' Go feature and interact with each other by giving updates through Live Chats and Live Posts, gathering Travpoint at the same time which they can trade with interesting prizes.  This application can be downloaded at GooglePlay Store and Apple App Store.

The 977-km Trans Java Toll Road connection from Merak to East Probolinggo for the 2019 Eid homebound motivated the public to travel on road, not to mention the 15% discount on nationwide toll segments between May 27–29 and between June 10–12.

Jasa Marga advises the toll road travelers to abide by the signs, drive vigilantly, ensure vehicle and physical prime condition, as well as to maintain a sufficient balance of their electronic money through top-ups up to IDR 2 million, fuel, and food supplies before entering the toll road to anticipate heavy traffic congestions at the rest areas

​For road anticipations, ​​please access the latest information at:

- Jasa Marga's 24-hour ​Call Center at 14080. 

- Twitter @PTJASAMARGA (for traffic information) 

- Twitter @official_JSMR (for general information).

- Instagram @official.jasamarga 

- JMCARe Mobile Application equipped with push notification features. 

- http://www.jasamarga.com​