Jasa Marga Earned Three Awards during IHCA V-2019

5/21/2019 2:46:14 PM


PT JASA MARGA (Persero) Tbk.

Number: 70/2019 Dated May 17, 2019

Jasa Marga Earned Three Awards during IHCA V-2019​

Jakarta (5/16) - PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk. managed to earn three awards during the Indonesia Human Capital Award (IHCA)-V-2019 for ​developing and enhancing​ its Human Resources (HR). 

The three awards were The Best of The Best Human Capital of The Year 2019 in the Overall Category in which Jasa Marga won the runner up position, The Best in Human Capital Architecture in the Special Award Category, and Human Capital Director of the Year 2019 in the Human Capital Director Category bestowed upon Jasa Marga's Human Capital & Transformation Director Alex Denni in which Jasa Marga won the first place.​
IHCA-V-2019 took place at Balai Kartini, Jakarta, on Thursday (5/16).  Jasa Marga Human Capital & Transformation Director Alex Denni, Human Capital Development Group Head Lussy Ariani Seba and Strategic Transformation Office Coordinator Nixon Sitorus accepted the award from Director General of ​Guidance, Training, and Productivity of the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower Bambang Satrio Lelono and from the organizing committee.

​​“The human capital community has acknowledged Jasa Marga's remarkable progress. This, however, is our challenge to improve further. In this disruption era, we must dare to experiment. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. We learn from mistakes. I'd like to let my colleagues in Jasa Marga know that we have done great things. There are still a lot of opportunities yet to acquire for the sake of our advancements​,” said Alex Denni right after receiving the award.

This event was organized in collaboration with Economic Review, IPMI International Business School, NBO Group, Thomas International, Indonesia Asia Institute and Ideku Group; bringing the theme “Entering Future Human Capital with Digital & Strategic Proposition on Industry 4.0.”  It was held for the fifth time to encourage Human Resources​ to reach a raised global Human Capital Index.

The award winners were ​Government companies​​, SOEs, Regional-owned Enterprises (ROEs), and private enterprises that managed to make it through several ​selections. 

These awards have added Jasa Marga's ​award collection throughout 2019 which brings to a total seven awards. Jasa Marga had previously managed to earn “The Best Overall CFO” during the 2019 Bisnis Indonesia CFO BUMN Award on March 26, 2019; Best Capital Markets Deal International from Financing Review (IFR) Asia of 2018 on February 26, 2019; the Number 1 Best Growth Strategy Category during ​the 8th SOE Award of 2019 on March 29, 2019; and Teropong BUMN Award (TBA) 2019 in the SOEs Supports MSMEs Category on May 10, 2019.   

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