Jasa Marga Eid-al Fitr Gathering: Beautiful Moment

6/17/2019 9:40:27 AM

​Almost one thousand PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk employees gathered after Eid al-Fitr holiday at Pewayangan Kautaman Building, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), on Thursday (6/13). This Eid-al Fitr gathering has been routinely held to tie the bonds between the employees and the management.

Jasa Marga's Board of Commissioners, such as President Commissioner Sapto Amal Damandari, Commissioner Anita Firmanti Eko S and Agus Suharyono, as well as Independent Commissioner Vincentius Sonny Loho were present, including the Board of Directors, i.e., President Director Desi Arryani, Operation Director Subakti Syukur, Business Director M. Sofyan, Finance Director Donny Arsal, Business Development Director Adrian Priohutomo, and Human Capital and Transformation Director Alex Denni. There were also the pensioners of the Board of Commissioners and Directors, namely Refly Harun, Frans Sunito, and Adityawarman as well as Group Heads, General Managers, the representatives of Jasa Marga Employee Union (SKJM), Employees Wives Association (IKK), and hundreds of employees.

During her welcome speech, Desi Arryani wished a Happy Eid-al Fitr of 440 H to all the Big Family of Jasa Marga. She also greeted the 2019 Eid-al Fitr Operational Standby Task Force Team. 

“I'd like to thank all my colleagues who have given all their best, each in their stations, putting forward their responsibility, nationalism, and humanity, while ruling out their own personal interest,” she said. 

She also appreciates all the personnel who were committed in their duty to secure the 2019 Eid-al Fitr homebound and post-homebound trips. Overall, she believes that the implementation has been even better than last year, even if there were shortcomings here and there, particularly during the post-homebound season. 

“Of course, we need to improve the intersections in km-66.  We appreciate all the advancements though. But, we also need introspections for our better future,” she confirmed.

Likewise, Sapto Amal Damandari reassured that Jasa Marga's assignment is not over yet after Eid-al Fitr homebound and post-homebound trips end.  This was, in fact, a test for quality maintenance.  

“I, representing the Board of Commissioners, would like to thank all the Board of Directors and personnel, especially the 2019 Eid-al Fitr Operational Standby Task Force Team who has contributed to successfully secure the homebound and post-homebound trips,” he said.

The event which raised the theme “A Beautiful Gathering Moment” was enlivened by the young famous singer Fatin Shidqia, Alaba Band and also a spiritual enlightment from Ali Nurdin. At the end of the show, all the Board of Directors contributed their songs on top of the stage, followed by door prizes and interesting gifts.