Jasa Marga Monitors the Toll Road Before Eid-al Fitr Peak Holiday Season​​

4/18/2019 3:49:07 PM


PT JASA MARGA (Persero) Tbk.

Number : 55/2019 Dated April 14, 2019

Jasa Marga Monitors the Toll Road Before Eid-al Fitr Peak Holiday Season​​

Semarang (04/14) - To ensure an excellent service during Eid-al Fitr peak holiday season, PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk., along with a number of its business groups, traced Trans Java Toll Road, which was directly led by Jasa Marga's President Director Desi Arryani on Friday (04/12).

Desi Arryani, accompanied by Business Director Mohammad Sofyan, Operation Director Subakti Syukur and the Branch General Manager and Directors of Subsidiaries, monitored several most affected areas, such as Cikampek Utama Toll Gate at KM-70 Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road . 

Beginning Eid-al Fitr holiday, Cikarang Utama 1 Toll Gate transactions at Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road km-29 ​will be relocated to Cikampek Utama Toll Gate at km-70 and Kalihurip Utama Toll Gate at km 67 of Cipularang Toll Road to serve vehicles to and from Central Java, and to and from Bandung, respectively. To escalate the toll gate capacity and reduce the traffic density at Cikarang Utama Toll Gate.

Jasa Marga Jakarta-Cikampek Branch General Manager Raddy L. Lukman mentioned that the development of Cikampek Utama Toll Gate is progressing and is estimated to operate​ during Eid-al Fitr homebound trips.​​

"Cikampek Utama Toll Gate will expectedly reduce the traffic density which had become an issue at Cikarang Utama 1 Toll Gate, and we are optimistic that, by Eid-al Fitr holiday, Cikampek Utama Toll Gate will already be operational," he explained.

After monitoring the work on Cikampek Utama Toll Gate, Desi Arryani​ also observed the latest development of the Rest and Service Area (TIP) or Trans Java Toll Road Rest Areas.

Approaching the homebound and post-homebound trips season, Jasa Marga had three main concerns, namely toll gate capacity, safety and rest areas.

“We have been doing research for more than two months ever since Trans Java Toll Road was operational and had its tariff set ​on January 21, 2019. We have evaluated, predicted and generally increased our capacity, including permanent and temporary toll booths which were prepared for the peak holiday season,” she said. 

The second main concern is safety. Even though Trans Java Toll Road segments are declared ​satisfactory, nevertheless safety and convenience remain our concern.

“We will keep monitoring the driver and direction safety. ​We have therefore raised the number of signs and rubber strips, as well as other supporting facilities to guide travelers along the toll segments,” she added.

Meanwhile, the rest area's parking space availability, toilets, places of worships and gas stations were also taken into consideration. 

“We still have an approximately one and a half month to prepare everything for the peak season​. We cannot let the rest areas be a part of the issue, vehicle queues at the entrance must not hinder the lanes. That's our next concern,” she stressed. 

The purpose of the toll road inspection was to support the road safety and traffic regularity along Trans Java Toll Road, from Merak to Pasuruan (Grati), as an alternative route during the 2019 Eid-al Fitr homebound trips.
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