Jasa Marga Organized Roadster Golf with Stakeholders in the 41st Anniversary Series Finale

4/9/2019 8:35:56 AM

​PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk organized Roadster Golf with the Stakeholders on Sunday (03/31).  It was a social gathering between Jasa Marga with internal and external stakeholders.

Roadster Golf with Stakeholders was the finale of Jasa Marga's 41st Anniversary Series which was preceded by several other events, namely Roadster Rescue Competition, Senior Roadster: Trans Java Expedition, Roadster Festival Trans Java, and Giving Back to Nature.  

The event took place at Royale Jakarta Golf Club, Halim Perdana Kusumah, East Jakarta, and attended by Jasa Marga's President Director Desi Arryani, Development Director Adrian Priohutomo, Finance Director Donny Arsal, Business Director Mohammad Sofyan and Operations Director Subakti Syukur.  
Jasa Marga collaborated with BNI, BRI, and Bank Mandiri to organize the tournament. There were approximately 140 participants.  To make it more interesting, the event committee has prepared Mercedez Benz C300, Honda HRV, Mitsubishi Xpander and Mazda 2 for anyone who managed to make a hole in one. Not only that, they had a firsthand guide from a young talented golf athlete Marcella Pranovia.

Desi Arryani stated that the 41-year time span of Jasa Marga has suggested Jasa Marga's commitment and a community-wide contribution.

“The event should have actually taken place on March 1. But, nevertheless, the gentlemen are now celebrating the pinnacle of the Anniversary which falls on March 31. What makes 41 so momentous? We're approaching the next 40-year progress. Our growth has reached its peak, not only have we accomplished a 1,000-km toll road operation, but Trans Java has also been connected. So, we'd like to share our joy and Alhamdulillah, praised to the Lord, everyone is here,” she expressed her gratitude.    

Subakti Syukur revealed that Roadster Golf with Stakeholder is a premiere event.

“Roadster Golf with Stakeholder was the first one held by Jasa Marga. Jasa Marga had been invited as guest. But this time we organize our own slightly different event.  We hope you enjoyed the event. May it will carry on in the future,” he hoped.

The event was finally​ concluded by music entertainments and door prizes.  Jasa Marga had prepared 20g Gold Bar and Honda Vario as the Grand Prize​.