Jasa Marga Wins the Most Promising Company in Entrepreneurial SOE Award at the BUMN Marketeers Award 2021

6/9/2021 7:10:25 PM

PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk
No. ​89/2021​
​​​​​Tanggal  9 June 2021​​

Wednesday (09/06) – PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk has won the Silver Medal for The Most Promising Company in Entrepreneurial SOE Category in the 2021 BUMN Marketeers Award event held by MarkPlus, Inc. virtually, Wednesday (09/06).

SOE Minister Erick Thohir in his opening video said that currently Indonesia is still facing tough challenges caused by the Covid 19 pandemic since 2020, so that all SOEs, SOE Subsidiaries, and BUMD are expected to be able to adapt by continuing to innovate through the SOE Marketeers Award.

"Since March 2020, the Indonesian people have faced serious challenges, Covid 19, Indonesian SOEs as one of the pillars of the Indonesian economy despite showing creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership to help overcome health and economic impacts," said Erick.

Deputy Chairman of MarkPlus, Inc. H Taufik hopes that the 2021 BUMN Marketeers Award will not only be a form of appreciation for BUMN, BUMN Subsidiaries, and BUMD, but also can improve performance, especially when facing the current world economic conditions.

"BUMN Marketeers Award 2021 is not only a form of appreciation but also a boost for higher performance in the era of economic recovery, the implementation of the BUMN Marketeers Award will certainly not be successful without the participation of the judges who have been dedicated to assessing the presentation of the participants as well as providing a balanced assessment until finally selected. worthy winners for each category,” said Taufik.

Jasa Marga Corporate Secretary Reza Febriano said the award that has been received by Jasa Marga is a motivation for the company to continue to be creative and innovative in technology, especially in making efforts to improve services to road users. In participating in the judging of the 2021 BUMN Marketeers Award, Jasa Marga explained one of the leading innovations currently being developed by the Company, namely the Travoy 3.0 Application.

“People's habits before traveling are looking for information related to travel time, traffic information, and responsive customer service. Seeing this situation, Jasa Marga provides solutions in responding to the needs of road users to be more secure and comfortable by presenting a digital travel assistant through the Travoy 3.0 application, "said Reza.

According to Reza, based on a survey conducted in 2019 to find out the needs of road users, qualitatively it was found that road users need information related to toll rates, real time traffic information, travel route choices, to the current condition of toll road rest areas, especially during the holiday period. such as Lebaran or Christmas and New Year holidays.

“At that time there might be applications that could provide data on the needs of road users. However, it is relatively impractical because road users must have more than one application. For this reason, Travoy 3.0 is here to answer the solution for road users who want all of this information to be in one platform (one stop solution) without having to look for it in other applications," he added.

Reza expressed his gratitude for the award given by Markplus, Inc. This award is a motivation for Jasa Marga to continue to create breakthroughs in providing the best service that makes it easier for road users.

The BUMN Marketeers Award 2021 is here to appreciate BUMN, BUMN Subsidiaries, and BUMD that continue to prioritize creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial principles, as well as increase competitiveness during new normal and post normal times. Carrying the theme “Digital Transformation in Marketing”, the event which has been running since 2012 involves a number of credible judges from members of the Jakarta Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Indonesia Marketing Association (IMA), and the International Council for Small Business Indonesia.

The 2021 BUMN Marketeers Award which will be held in conjunction with the 2021 Jakarta Marketing Week (JMW) will be held from 9-13 June 2021 virtually by presenting a number of competent speakers from BUMN, BUMN Subsidiaries, and BUMD.

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