Jasa Marga Won the 3rd Place during the 8th Infobank Digital Brand Awards

5/27/2019 12:42:28 PM


PT JASA MARGA (Persero) Tbk.

Number: 73/2019 Dated May 19, 2019

Jasa Marga Won the 3rd Place during the 8th Infobank Digital Brand Awards

Jakarta (5/19) - PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk. has been re-awarded once again, right after receiving three awards in Indonesia Human Capital Award (IHCA) V-2019 on the same day, on Thursday (5/16)​.  This time, Jasa Marga won the 3rd place during the 8th Infobank Digital Brand Awards in the IDR50 trillion-IDR100 trillion Asset SOE Company Category.

The 8th Infobank Digital Brand ​Awards Chairperson Darto Wiryosukarto handed over the award to Jasa Marga's Regulatory Management Senior Specialist Alia Safiera at Westin Hotel, Jakarta. 

In his welcome speech, Eko B. Supriyanto said that his team has always been consistent in organizing events focusing on reliable research.

"This is the eighth event. We will always collaborate with reliable institutions. Infobank believes that digital brand is a way to win competitions," he said.

The 8th Infobank Digital Brand Awards was organized to give appreciations to Infobank and Isentia as banking and financial communities as well as innovative SOEs and cross-industries.

The award was given to companies and products that had managed to reach the highest index in digital branding online and on social media.  ​They had been evaluated between January and December 2018 through social media monitoring.

There were 33 categories for the evaluation, consisting of ​13 corporate-brand and 20 brand-product categories.  It resulted in 205 selected institutions (out of 703) and 80 selected products (out of 623) with the highest indexes (the first and third rank).

The former ​consisted of commercial and Islamic banks (BUS), Islamic Business Units ​(UUS) of Commercial Banks, Rural Banks (BPR), life insurance, general insurance, reinsurance, multi-finance, ​securities companies, and SOEs.  Meanwhile, the latter consisted of commercial bank /BUS, deposits, commercial bank mortgages/BUS, KKB, credit cards, debit cards, wealth management, and e-money bank/nonbank.

The 8th Infobank Digital Brand Awards adds up the list of awards received by Jasa Marga which previously won the runner up of The Best of The Best Human Capital of The Year 2019 during IHCA V-2019, in the Overall Category; Best in Human Capital Architecture in Special Award Category; and the First Place during Human Capital Director of The Year 2019 in the Human Capital Director Category which was specifically addressed to Jasa Marga's Human Capital & Transformation Director Alex Denni.

“The Best Overall CFO” was also bestowed upon Jasa Marga on March 26 during Bisnis Indonesia CFO BUMN Award of 2019; Likewise, Jasa Marga also earned the Best Capital Markets Deal International Awards from Financing Review (IFR) Asia of 2018 on February 26; The Number 1 Best Growth Strategy on March 29 during the 8th SOE Awards of 2019; and Teropong BUMN Award (TBA) 2019 on May 10 in the SOE Supports the MSMEs Category​.   

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