Jasamarga Metropolitan Tollroad Holds Virtual Educational Webinar For Socializing the Ban on Motorcycles from Entering Toll Roads

6/13/2021 12:48:31 PM

PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk
No. ​33​/2021​
​​Tanggal 12 June 2021​​​​​​

Jakarta, (12/06), As we all know, it is still common for two-wheelers to break into toll roads. Whereas the prohibition of two-wheeled vehicles from entering toll roads has been regulated in Government Regulation number 44 of 2009 concerning Amendments to Government Regulation No. 15 of 2005 in Article 38 concerning Toll Roads, it is written "Toll roads are intended for users who use four or more wheeled motorized vehicles".

Regarding it, Jasamarga Metropolitan Tollroad Regional Division in collaboration with the Highway Police Unit, Directorate of Traffic (Sat PJR Ditlantas) Polda Metro Jaya, and Google Indonesia held an Educational Campaign Seminar on the Prohibition of Two-Wheel Vehicles Entering Toll Roads virtually on Friday (11/4) .

This event was attended by Jasamarga Metropolitan Tollroad Regional Division Head Bagus Cahya Arinta B, Head of PJR Ditlantas Polda Metro Jaya represented by Head of PJR Jaya 1 Polda Metro Jaya Bambang Krisnadi SH, MH, Strategic Partnership Manager (Geo) for Southeast Asia PT Google Indonesia Isabella Wibowo, inclusive of it, more than 150 representatives of the online motorcycle taxi community and motorcycle community.

Jasamarga Metropolitan Tollroad Regional Division Head Bagus Cahya Arinta B said that this event was held in order to re-socialize the rules for the use of toll roads and the prohibition for two-wheeled vehicles from entering toll roads.

"Recently, it is still common to find two-wheeled drivers entering toll roads, even though this has been regulated in Laws and Government Regulations that toll roads are only intended for four-wheeled vehicles or more, so we don't tire of reminding users of related two-wheeled vehicles. prohibition of two-wheeled vehicles from entering toll roads," said Bagus.

Bagus added that based on data received from the police, the majority of these violations were caused by drivers following directions from the digital travel map application. For this reason, in this educational webinar, Jasa Marga also cooperates with Google Indonesia to re-educate users of the digital travel map application so that motorists can better understand how to use the application. This is expected to prevent motorists from crossing the toll road route.

Meanwhile, as an effort to prevent two-wheeled vehicles from entering toll roads, Jasa Marga as a Toll Road Business Entity has installed signs before entering toll road access, using Variable Message Signs (VMS) for socialization, monitoring via CCTV, and alerting Mobile Customer Service. 24 hours. In addition, education and socialization are carried out through the installation of banners, the use of social media and virtual seminar activities.

Regarding the prosecution, on the same occasion the Head of the Main Highway Patrol (PJR) Polda Metro Jaya AKP Bambang Krisnadi explained that according to Law No. 22 of 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation, article 287 paragraph 1 explains that everyone who drives a motorized vehicle in road that violates the rules of orders or prohibitions stated by Traffic Signs or Road Marks shall be punished with imprisonment for a maximum of two months or a fine of a maximum of Rp. 500,000.
Bambang also said that during the January-May 2021 period there were 11 incidents of motorbikes entering the toll road, and action was taken in the form of ticketing.

Another suggestion was conveyed by the Strategic Partnership Manager (Geo) for Southeast Asia of PT Google Indonesia Isabella Wibowo, who added that for two-wheelers, especially motorcycles who use the Google Maps application as a direction, after typing the destination or destination in the search field, don't forget to choose a route. Motorcycle Only. Road users can also change route options to avoid highway, motorway and ferry routes.

Jasa Marga urges road users to always pay attention to traffic signs, both command and prohibition signs, and to remain careful on the road. Call the 24-hour call center at 14080 if you need assistance on toll roads.

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