More than 4,700 Jasa Marga Group Employees Has Received Covid-19 Vaccination Through Vaccination Centers with BUMN

4/6/2021 9:56:15 PM

PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk
No. ​54​​/2021​
​​Date 5 April 2021​

Jakarta (05/04) - PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk as one of the State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Public Service in the toll road operation has received the first phase of Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) vaccination through the Joint Vaccination Center (SVB) BUMN. Held in various cities such as Jakarta, Semarang and Surabaya, this program greatly facilitates access for Roadsters, the name for Jasa Marga Group employees, to get vaccinated opportunities as public servants.

Jasa Marga Corporate Secretary M. Agus Setiawan who is also appointed as the Head of the Coordinator and External Communication of the Jasa Marga Group Vaccination Team is grateful for the program which has been facilitated by the Ministry of BUMN, as the results Jasa Marga employees who serve the public get priority to receive vaccines. Jasa Marga highly prioritizes Roadsters who work in toll road operations such as Customer Service and Mobile Customer Service as well as their supervisors, Rescue Officers, Ambulance Officers and Traffic Information Center Officers who are at the forefront of services to get Covid-19 vaccinations.

"With the opening of SVB in cities that are also the operational locations for Jasa Marga Group toll roads, it will greatly facilitate employee access to vaccinations. Until now, more than 4,700 Jasa Marga Group Roadsters have received the first phase of vaccination, "said Agus.

Although currently 100% electronic transactions have been implemented using Automatic Toll Gates, there are times when Roadster still has to interact with road users to continue to provide the best service. On all Jasa Marga Group Toll Roads in Indonesia, the average daily traffic recorded in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic is 3 million vehicles / day.

"Interaction with road users, of course, still has to be done, especially in helping the obstacles they face so that their journey remains safe and comfortable. Of course, we make sure that officers in the field undergo health protocols in their interactions. For example, when helping with the lack of electronic money balances at toll gates, assisting vehicles that have broken down or broken tires and handling accidents equipped with Personal Protective Equipment, "he added.

As of  14th March , 2021, more than 4,700 Roadsters has received Covid-19 vaccinations from a total of 9,700 Jasa Marga Group Roadsters who has registered in the BUMN SVB program. The Roadsters participated in the SVB program at Istora Senayan and Tennis Indoor Senayan for the Jakarta area, PRPP (Center for Recreation, Promotion and Development) for the Semarang area and the Grand City Mall Complex for the Surabaya area.

"Jasa Marga Roadster makes good use of the quota for the number of vaccines by being present on every schedule given from the SVB so that the number that has been vaccinated, Alhamdulillah, continues to increase. For example, during less than three weeks, the number of Jasa Marga Group Roadsters currently vaccinated has almost reached 50%. We hope that the implementation of the vaccine in SVB, which has been going well so far, will continue smoothly, so that all Jasa Marga Roadsters will be able to get the first vaccine in no time, "Agus concluded.

Jasa Marga hopes that the acceptance of this vaccine can provide a sense of security and comfort, not only for Jasa Marga Roadsters, but for all stakeholders including road users. Jasa Marga fully supports the Government in implementing the initial Covid-19 vaccination program with the target of public services and the elderly in order to create herd immunity so as to reduce the spread of Covid-19, so that Indonesia will recover and improve in the economic sector and social materialization soon.

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