Pondok Aren-Serpong Traffic Management during ​Steel Box Girder Installation

2/1/2019 1:29:10 PM


PT JASA MARGA (Persero) Tbk.

Number : 18/2019 Dated January 31, ​2019



Pondok Aren-Serpong Traffic Management during ​Steel Box Girder Installation

Tangerang (​01/31) - After​ Junction Kunciran Bridge steel box girder installation ​on km 15+100 Tangerang toll segment, between January 27 and 30, 2019, PT Marga Trans Nusantara (MTN) will install other 13 steel box girders, over Pondok Aren-Serpong toll ​segment, between km 9+000 and km 10+000 (Jombang Village)​ of both directions.

The latter work is the package-II technical work of PT Marga Trans Nusantara (MTN) (Parigi-Serpong), a business group of PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk. which manages JORR II Toll Road Kunciran-Serpong Segment. Traffic around the work site will be temporarily diverted

There are three locations for the multi-length​​​ (45​ to 60 m) steel box girder installation - km 9+000 Ramp 3, km 9+500 Junction Serpong Bridge Main Road and km10+000 Ramp 2; which will be installed with three 45-mfour 46-m and six 60-m steel boxes, respectively. 

The three locations will be temporarily closed for vehicles from both directions. The installation on Junction Serpong Bridge has started since yesterday, from midnight to 4 a.m​, and will end by February 16, 2019. 

Work safety is a priority, therefore Jasa Marga and PT BSD will organize a contraflow engineering through Police discretion and traffic diversion detour ​​around the location, precisely from Sta. 50+924 (km 9+000) to km 10+000 Pondok Aren-Serpong Toll Road shoulders, both towards Jakarta (Pondok Ranji) and Tangerang (BSD). 

Vehicles heading Jakarta (Pondok Ranji) must make a detour from km 9+000 to km 10+000, while the ones to Serpong (BSD) make a km 10+000 to km 9+000 detour; each comprising two lanes, 4-m wide lanes towards Jakarta and 8-m wide towards Serpong.

The installation utilized one crane at Ramp 2 and Ramp 3, as well as two cranes for Main Road on both Jakarta and Serpong lanes. Once completed, Junction Serpong Bridge will later connect Serpong to Cinere.​

The steel box girder installation is part of the Kunciran-Serpong Toll Road Package II, Parigi-Serpong. The land acquisition for the package has reached 98.70%, while the construction itself reached 86.049%. Hopefully, the toll road will be operational by the third quarter of 2019.

Jasa Marga apologizes for the inconveniences due to the work and advises the drivers around the area to remain vigilant, comply with the officer's instructions and traffic signs, as well as to plan departures in advance

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