To Unravel the Heavy Traffic Congestion, Jasa Marga Performed Traffic Engineering Trials at Kembangan Interchange of Jakarta-Tangerang Toll Segment

1/7/2021 10:33:30 AM

Jasamarga Metropolitan Tollroad
No. 01/2021 Dated January 6, 2021 

To Unravel the Heavy Traffic Congestion, Jasa Marga Performed Traffic Engineering Trials at Kembangan Interchange of Jakarta-Tangerang Toll Segment 

Jakarta (1/6) - In an effort to unravel the traffic density on Jakarta-Tangerang Toll Road from Tomang to Merak direction, Jasamarga Metropolitan Tollroad (JMT) as the manager of Jakarta-Tangerang Toll Road and the PJR Police carried out a traffic engineering test at Kembangan Interchange (SS), in Merak direction, precisely at the crossroad of the intersection from JORR W2U and from JORR W1.

This was conveyed by the Head of PJR Turangga 002 Kompol Adri Bhirawasto, "We and Jasa Marga have identified the congested-prone areas. One of them is at the Kembangan Interchange of Merak direction. The high traffic density occurs at the crossroad between the traffic from Meruya and from Puri Kembangan. To unravel the density, traffic engineering trials will be carried out at this location," he said.

The Wednesday-to-Tuesday Trial, from January 6 to 12, 2021, includes: 
1. Placing water barrier per 50-distance from diverging Meruya at km 7+000 to the merging JLB ramp at km 7+500 towards Tangerang to clear the road shoulders;
2. Stationing traffic cones per 2.5-distance​ from km 7+500 to km 8+000 in Tangerang direction to reduce the occurrence of traffic crossings.​​

The traffic engineering will hopefully improve the traffic flow around Kembangan Interchange, cut down the time to destinations, regulate the traffic that corresponds to the right lane, and to prevent crossing vehicles," said Nasrullah, Jasamarga Metropolitan Tollroad Representative Office 2 General Manager

Nasrullah also added that during the engineering trial, travelers are advised to anticipate their trip before entering the toll road, to drive carefully and orderly on their lanes.  Also, abide by the signs and comply with the officers' instructions onsite. 

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